The AKS 74M is a weapon featured in Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

The AKS 74M is an improved version of the AK 47 and was developed in 1974 it has been mass produced since 1976, itstead of the 7,62 x 39mm ammo of the AK 47, the AKS 74M uses smaller 5,45 x 39 mm ammo it's also made from cheaper and lighter materials it has been the primary assault rifle of many countries including Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Mongolia, North-Korea, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Poland, Romania and the former USSR.

Video Edit

Sniper Ghost Warrior - Weapon Demonstration - AKS 7400:37

Sniper Ghost Warrior - Weapon Demonstration - AKS 74

AKS 74 Demonstration by sc0P3z

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