The AS50 is a semi-automatic .50 cal anti-materiel rifle, manufactured by British firearms producer, Accuracy International, and is the British equivalent of the Barrett M82. The AS50 was developed from a request by the USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) for a lightweight and rugged sniper rifle in .50 BMG. It is one of the main weapons featured in Sniper: Ghost Warrior.


The AS50 is featured in multiplayer, in the heavy recon class. One shot could take out an entire man, however, it is only a one shot kill when it hits the gut, chest, neck, and of course the head. Everywhere else at least takes 30 life or more. This rifle gives you more health than any of the other rifles, but it takes away speed making you an easy target from a tango (enemy). Plus, this rifle is very loud, gives a bunch of smoke, and a large flare when fired.