Sniper: Ghost Warrior has a total of 24 achievements, worth 1000 points. and 32 trophies

Sniper Expert - 30 points/Bronze

Get 50 headshots.

Sniper Master - 60 points/Silver

Get 100 headshots.

Rookie - 10 points/Bronze

Complete the game on easy difficulty.

Captain - 30 points/Silver

Complete the game on medium difficulty.

General - 60 points/Gold

Complete the game on hard difficulty.

Act I - 10 points/Bronze

Complete act I.

Act II - 20 points/Bronze

Complete act II.

Act III - 30 points/Silver

Complete act III.

Act IV - 40 points/Gold

Complete IV.

Seeker - 50 points/Bronze

Collect all secrets.

You have to focus - 40 points/Bronze

Kill 15 enemies using concentration mode.

Through the wall - 30 points/Silver

Shoot an enemy through a wall.

Flying Knives - 30 points/Bronze

Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.

Heavy Fire - 30 points/Bronze

Kill 30 enemies with the Browning Machinegun.

One Package, Two Receivers - 40 points/Bronze

Kill 2 enemies with one grenade.

One shot, Two Kills - 50 points/Silver

Kill 2 enemies with one shot.

The Protector of Pontoon - 60 points/Bronze

Kill enemies attacking your pontoon from the riverside on the "Weaken the Regime" level.

Close Range - 40 points/Silver

Kill 250 enemies using pistols (Multiplayer).

Hold your Breath - 50 points/Bronze

Kill 250 enemies using sniper rifles (Multiplayer).

Sharpshooter - 60 points/Silver

Kill 500 enemies using sniper rifles (Multiplayer).

Supplier of Death - 90 points/Gold

Kill 2000 enemies (Multiplayer).

Laurel Wreath - 100 points/Gold

Win 50 rounds playing online (Multiplayer).

Fallen Eagle - 20 points/Bronze

Kill 10 birds.

Electrician - 20 points/Bronze

Shoot 5 cable lines using sniper rifles.


Collector - Platinum

Collect all trophies

Armes dealer - Silver

Finish "The last hunt" mission

10 shots - Silver

finish "The last hunt" mission having fired no more than 10 shots

Fast and thorough - Silver

Kill all the enemy snipers in 'Appearances can be deceiving' in less than four minutes.

The end of the drug baron - Silver

Kill the escaping drug baron in 'Better late than never' mission.

Flag hunter - Silver

Capture 50 flags in Capture the flag (multiplayer)

No alarm - Bronze

Finish the 'Under cover of night' mission without having the guards raise an alarm.

Unnoticed - Bronze

Stealthily enter the manor in 'Better late than never' mission.