Presumed Caucasian


Presumed killed by Maddox


Anderson, Diaz, and Wheeler


Kalalo, Merinov, and Maddox





Keller was a minor character in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. Though his face was unknown due to it being hid behind a balacalva, he assisted in helping Anderson and Diaz in the first act during the Philippians Mission.

Act I Edit

During the First Mission, Communication Breakdown, Keller and his men lead the Assault Team while Anderson and Diaz are the sniper team. He then later reunites with Anderson and Diaz to take out the Tower.

Later in the second mission, Keller and his team along with Anderson, Diaz, and Vance rescue a hostage. After, Anderson, Diaz, and him successfully rescued the hostage, Wheeler tells Anderson and Diaz to advance while Keller and his men wait to be extracted by a helicopter. Later, him and Diaz make their way to the hotel as Anderson provides sniper support for them, they find out the target they were sent to eliminate was non other than Merinov, a Russian Hustler. Unfortunately for the assault team, the enemies knew they were coming and ambush them, Keller demands where an enemy sniper is shooting from which Anderson responds that he cannot find the enemy sniper and tells him to get to cover. Diaz, Keller, and the rest of the assault team get overwhelmed and are wounded and captured by the Russian Mercenaries. Keller was not seen in No Man Left Behind, it is presumed he was killed during the Ambush.

Act III Edit

Dispite not making an appearance or heard, he is mentioned by Anderson and Diaz to finish Merinov and is later mentioned by Maddox, saying he screamed for backup on their radio while he wounded him and his team.