Killed by Anderson




Anderson and Diaz





Merinov was the Secondary Antagonist of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, he was an arms dealer in the bioweapons arms race, and was once a hustler.

Act I Edit

During Act I, he mets up with Kalalo and they exchange handshakes, the two then suspect Anderson and his team to be their so he calls his armed forces including his bodyguard, a former Marine Sniper named Maddox to assist in the ambush.

Merinov with Kalalo make it to the airstripe where they intend to fly the bioweapon out of the Philippians, they are interupt from moving the weapon and killing Diaz by Anderson.

Act II Edit

During the events in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Merinov was a hustler who got by. He helped Anderson and Maddox throughout the war torn country, unfortunately for the two, he was a spy for Vladic and the Serbians. Later, it too had been confirmed by Diaz that Maddox was also one of Vladic's agents. He and Maddox were both wounded by Anderson's bullet.

Act III Edit

The Final Act, Merinov arrives in Nepal to sell a bio-agent weapon to a person from Kashmir, however like in the Philippines, he is thwarted by Anderson and Diaz and uses the helicopter he arrived in with Maddox to kill Anderson and Diaz, but Anderson shoots the canopy of the chopper, the bullet goes through Merinov's skull, killing him instantly, and causing the helicopter to crash.